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Mermaid Magic (vintage valentine)
Feel A Sin Coming On Label Me Stick
Grandma Label Me Stick
I'm With The Band Label Me Stick
Laugh Label Me Stick
Live Laugh Love Label Me Stick
Mom's Rug Rat Labe Me Stick
My Kid Rocks Label Me Stick
My Kids Rock Label Me Stick
Queeny Label Me Stick
KSU Powercat Charm (LICENSED)
Born To Be Wild Label Me Stick
Diet Coke Addict Label Me Stick
Diva Labe Me Stick
Faith Labe Me Stick
Angel Label Me Stick
Faith Prayer Hope Label Me Stick
Dream In Chocolate Label Me Stick
Mom Whisperer Label Me Stick
Colored Ball Chain Necklace (ORANGE)
Colored Ball Chain Necklace (PURPLE)
Rock It Shabby Style Glitter Initial or Number
Chunky Glitter Letter
Jingle In My Bells Necklace
Retro Initial Bubble Charm
Glamour Banner Initial
Lucky Lady Necklace
I Vote Heart Charm
USA Boy Charm
USA PinUp Charm
Boy & Cannon Vintage Postcard Charm
Glitter Word Stick
Custom Handwriting/Artwork on Copper or Brass Custom Cut Charm
Frankie & His Bride
"On the Wings of Hope" Charm
Here's To You Collage
Beauty Queen Collage
Peace Ring
Zebra Bubble Initial
Spider Copper Cuff
Make a Wish Collage
Fairy Dust Collage
Fountain of Youth Collage
Shockers Rule Bubble
Shockers Bubble
Best Friends Collage
Egg Hand-Off Vintage Postcard
Hot Mama Label Me Stick
Fauceted Heart Dangle
Natural Turquoise Ball Necklace
My Kids Rock Skull Bubble
All About Me Stick
Espresso Yourself Stick
Coffee Lover Label Me Stick
Be Yourself Belle
Cowgirls Have More Fun
Live Love Teach Ring
All the Rights of Women Bubble (pink & green)
Bless This Woman Bubble
Spotted Bubble Initial (limited edition)
Whites and Clear Dangles
Funky Boo Bubble
KC Royals Royal Blue Square Bubble Charm or Ring
Wing 1 Dangle Charm
Nebraska Established
Kansas State University Established
Good/Bad Day in Oz
Guess Who's Been Naughty? Collage
Bingo Kitty Collage
Wichita State University Established
KC Royals Baby Blue Winged Bubble
KC Royals Bubble
Love Is Patient Collage Circle
Good/Bad Kitty Collage
Mother's Love Collage
Party Mona Collage
Life's A Roller Coaster Collage
Cheer Mom Polka Dot Bubble (custom colors available)
All Girl Glitter Stick
Hand Etched Broadway Downtown Street Map Cuff
Custom Listing for Jamie Easterberg
Floral Block Bevel Initial
Peppermint Swirl Double Bubble Initial
Custom Handwriting & Children's Artwork on Sterling Silver Cuff
Black & White Skinny Initial
Green Shell Dangle
Zebra Stripe Round Dangles
Stone Fossil Drops
Eiffel Tower
Oink Pig
Cheer Nana Bubble (custom colors available)
Hollywood Pug
USA Baby
Yellow Glittered Rose
Harley Flames Initial Double Bubble
Glittered Red Rose
Me & My Old Boyfriend
Christmas Tree Vintage Picture
Jail Birds
Blessings In Disguise Milagros
Painted Domino (Glittered)
Blessed Teal Bubble
Ferris Wheel (glittered)
Peace (Inside Out) Bubble
Girls on Cannon
Bunny Ears
Just Married
Kiss My Tiara
Look Out Marilyn
My Secret Keeper
Angel Dog
Santa Rocks Thick Stick
Mom Bubble 2
Santa & Me
Tough Guy
Love & Marriage
Be Happy Smiley
Chartreuse Shamrock Bubble
Dirty Softball Mom Bubble
Dorothy Dreams Come True
Wicked Witch Collage
Lil' Buckaroo
Happy Halloween Thick Stick (Orange)
Stick 'Em Up
Make My Day
Love Like Chili
Beveled Arrow Soldered Box Necklace
Urban Cowgirl
Thinkin' 'bout A Cowboy
Cowgirls' Best Friend
Come 'ere Boots
Halloween Thick Stick
Goin' Nowhere
Buckaroo Motel
Ho Ho Ho Thick Stick
Comin' Down
Santa Thick Stick
Cowgirl Cutie
Ceramic Cross Art Pendant
End of Day Handmade Glass Beads Necklace
Dorothy & Friends
OU Sooners Rule Bubble
Pocket Watch Clock Dangle Charm
Dotted Rhinestone Box Sticks
Love Who You Are Owl Bubble
Owl with Sprinkles Bubble
Owl with Orange Background Bubble
Black Cat Label Me Stick
Blessed Label Me Stick
In Your Face Disgrace
Dream Big
Fly Collage
Paris In Pink Collage
Give Me Doughnuts Collage
Iowa State University Bubble
Piano Girl Collage
WSU Bubble
Filled Bottle Soldered Charms
Vintage Skeleton Keys
Sari Silk Tassel Necklaces
Soldered Rhinestone Keys
Eiffel Tower Silver Charm
Custom Order for Jacque McMillan
Custom Handwriting/Artwork on Sterling Silver Oval
Spooky Cupie Collage
Sweetie Cupie Collage
Heart Bezels
Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend Collage
Watch Over Me Collage
Sisters To The End Collage
Mizzuo Baby Cat Bubble
Girls Havin' Fun Collage
Saint Sinner Double Bubble
Girls Are Smarter
The King Collage
Mother Mary
Custom Handwriting & Children's Artwork on Copper Cuff
Oklahoma State University Established
Bunnies Bustin' Out Vintage Postcard
Love Kills Slowly Bubble
Arkansas Established
Tattoo Balloon Initial
Pray About it Stick
Wanderlust Stick
SuperMan Mom Bubble
Pray with Me
Children's Scrabble Teal Letter
Children's Scrabble Yellow Letter
Grunge Black & White Letter/Number
Where's That Cowboy?
Grunge Antique Letter/Number
Grunge Burgundy Letter/Number
Mistletoe (white)
Pumpkin Carving Queen Thick Stick
Mom Vintage Ledger Thick Stick
Spooky Thick Stick
Witch Thick Stick
Faith Thick Stick (newsprint)
Faith Thick Stick (pink)
Wing 2 Dangle Charm
Bunnies & Basket Vintage Postcard
Favorite Daughter Collage
My Boys Rock Thick Stick
Livin' Like a Bandit
Wild West Women
Tiny Wing Dangle Charm
Crown Dangle Charm
Rosie The Riveter
Mommy Going Crazy Collage
Custom Order for Manon Michel
Smooth Silver Spacer Bead
Built Her Own Self Collage
I'm All Shook Up Collage
A Little Less Conversation Collage
Neon Elvis Collage
Missouri University Established
Kansas University Established
Mom Was Right Collage
Peace Love & Candy
Peace Love & Coffee
Peace Love & Cupcakes
Draw, Paint, Create Collage
Oh Deer Collage Charm
Soldered Copper Cuff Bracelet
No Prince Charming Collage
Fairy Godmother Please Collage
Boys Are Stupid Stick
Boo Skulls (black)
Holly Jolly Thick Stick
Faith Love & Cupcakes Charm Necklace
I'd Be A Darling Millionaire Collage
Be Jolly Santa
Antique Brass Flat Cable Chain Bracelet
Antique Brass Layered Butterfly Bracelet
Faith Hope & Love Cross Pendant
Ball Chain Bracelet
Glitter Hoop Heart Initial Pendant
Santa Initial Square Cube
Shark's Tooth & Shell Dangles
Black Onyx Cross Dangle
Gold Clover Charm
Clay Stone Oval Dangle
Chain Wrapped Stones
Blue Iridescent Heart Dangle
KU Jayhawk Charm (LICENSED)
Grunge White on Black Letter/Number
Oklahoma University Established
Faux Glitter Letter/Number
Wing 3 Dangle Charm
Survivor Label Me Stick
Sporty Football (customization available)
Marie Antoinette Bubble
Baseball Mom (flying ball)
Runs with Shears Bubble
Alice in Wonderland Silhouette Crystal Necklace
Brown Dangles
Imagine Thick Stick
Happy Thick Stick
Sisters Thick Stick
Iowa Hawkeye Bubble
Iowa Hawkeye Winged Bubble (black)
Iowa Hawkeye Winged Bubble (yellow)
I Vote Heart Necklace
I Still Love the Beatles Necklace
Conversation Heart Bubble
Celtic Initial
KC Baseball Grunge Winged Bubble
Royals Rule Bubble
Royals Emblem Grunge Winged Bubble
Royals Emblem Bubble
Royals Logo Bubble
Unless Square Bubble Charm or Ring
Unless Someone Cares...
My Sham Rocks Bubble
I'm Not Irish Bubble
Patriotic Winged Initial
Football Mom Field Bubble
Cheer Bubble (custom colors available)
Pistol Packin' Mama
Good Western Women
A Good Mixer
Call Me a Dreamer
Metal Pallet Christmas Tree
Custom Handwriting/Artwork on Sterling Silver Custom Cut Charm
KSU Wildcats Rule Bubble
Arkansas Hogs Rule Bubble
Heart with Wings Resin Bevel Necklace
I Run for Cupcakes Collage Charm
Beauty is Everywhere
Yum Yum Yum
Pumpkin Princess
Boo Girl
Giggle & Fright
Spooky Girl
Witchy Kitty Vintage Halloween Postcard
Pumpkin Head Vintage Postcard
Clownin' Around Halloween
Witch's Best Friend Treat Bag
Kiddie Kostumes Halloween Treat Bag
Vintage Pumpkin Halloween Treat Bag
Vintage Kitty Halloween Treat Bag
Trick or Treaters Vintage Halloween Treat Bag
Vintage Halloween Scarecrow Treat Bag
Kids & Pumpkin Vintage Halloween Treat Bag
Pumpkin Head Cat Vintage Postcard
Custom Label Me Stick
Wings With Words Charm (multiple word choices)
Cute Santa Bubble
Vintage Snowman Bubble
Vintage Happy Santa Bubble
Happy Santa Bubble
Crystal Rose Dangles
Vintage Crucifix Necklace
I Love KC Royals Stick
Bubble Necklace with Wings
OSU Cowgirls Rule Bubble
Retro Snowman Bubble
Crow Collage
Silly Head
Pumpkin Pie
Lookin' Silly Collage
Your Fortune
Glamour Girls
Fairy Princess
KU Jayhawks Rule Bubble
OSU Cowboys Rule Bubble
Childhood Memories
Hand Dyed Silk Ribbon Zebra with Pink Edges
Hand Dyed Silk Ribbon Daffodil
Hand Dyed Silk Ribbon White with Silver Metallic Edges
Crown Ring
Hand Dyed Silk Ribbon-Rainbow Pink
Hand Dyed Silk Ribbon 50 Shades of Gray
Hand Dyed Silk Ribbon Cheetah
Hand Dyed Silk Ribbon Noel Noel
Hand-Dyed Silk Ribbon-Aqua Lime
KU Rock Chalk Jayhawk Stick (LICENSED)
KU I'm A Jayhawk Stick (LICENSED)
KU Jayhawker Stick (LICENSED)
KU Jayhawk Head Charm (LICENSED)
KSU I'm A Wildcat Stick (LICENSED)
KSU K-State Stick (LICENSED)
Iowa State University Established
Iowa University Established
Naughty Thick Stick
Candy Christmas
Mistletoe Mama
I Want It All
Storybook Santa
Storybook Snowman
On Santa's Lap
Vintage Santa Postcard
December 25th
My Man
You'll Shoot Yer Eye Out
O Xmas Tree
If Mama Ain't Happy Necklace
Soldered Frame Charm (Insert Your Own Photo)
Ropin' Cowgirl (vintagevalentine)
Child Be Still Collage
In the M-O-O-O-D (vintage valentine)
Valentine Collage Stick
Will you be my Valentine?
Guitar Girl (vintage valentine)
I'll Take Your Order (vintage valentine)
Tease Valentine Collage
Be Mine Pinup Valentine Collage
I'm Ready Pinup Valentine Collage
Shopping Aisle Queen
What Would You Do With A Brain
Not A Morning Person
Coffee, Tea or Me
Coffee Love
Fighting for Freedom
Miss Independence
I'm A Barbie Girl
Vintage Swimsuit Barbie Girl
Cowgirl Barbie
Party Barbie Double Bubble
Beautiful Barbie
Barbie Silhouette Black Bubble
Swarovski Crystal Dominos
Vintage Jayhawk Bubble
Serious Santa Bubble
Hand Dyed Silk Ribbon Zebra with Black Edges
Envy the Green Bubble
Floral Pastel Bubble Initial
Fancy Red Bubble Initial
Vintage Ledger Bubble Initial
Birthday Age Bubble
Happy Birthday To Me Bubble
Let Me Be the Princess Bubble
Let's Focus on Me Bubble
Happy Birthday Bubble
Gimme Cake Bubble
Birthday Girls Have More Fun Bubble
No Presents for Me No Cake for You Bubble
My Birthday Doesn't End Bubble
Birthday Baby Bubble
Fancy Pray Double Bubble
For the Grace of God Double Bubble
Blessed Mama Bubble
Peace Bubble
Miracles Happen Double Bubble
Blessed Bubble (pink)
Simple Pray Double Bubble
Faith Bubble
Faith Cross Double Bubble
Fancy Pray Bubble
Faith Hope Love Double Bubble
Thankful Bubble
Faith Hope Love Bubble (black)
Faith Hope Love Bubble (pink)
Custom Bubble
Custom Bubble
Custom Bubble
Thankful Mama Bubble
Foxy Mama Bubble
Go Ask Your Dad Bubble
Mama Bubble
Mom Bubble 1
Momma Bubble (pink)
Mommy Bubble (blue)
Mommy Bubble (pink)
Moms Rock Bubble
My Kid Rocks Bubble
My Kids Rock Bubble
All the Rights of Women Bubble (white)
Babylicious Bubble
Hey Baby Bubble
Mommmy To Be Bubble
Prego Bubble (white)
Gigi Bubble (pink)
Mimi Bubble
Gigi Bubble (teal)
When a Grandparent is Born Bubble
Nanny Bubble
Nana Bubble (black)
Nana Bubble (pink)
Bah Humbug Bubble
Been Good? Bubble
Every Time A Bell Rings Bubble
Choose Naughty Bubble
Frosty Fun Bubble
Dec 25 Bubble
Fruitcake Bubble
Gum Drops Bubble
Holly Jolly Bubble
Dear Santa... Bubble
Let It Snow Bubble
Mistletoe Bubble
Mommy Kissing Santa Bubble
Santa Bubble
Santa's Little Helper Bubble
Santa's Vixen Bubble
Tinsel Time Bubble
White Christmas Bubble
Don't Eat Yellow Snow Bubble
Santa & Me Bubble
Believe Bubble
Four Leaf Clover Bubble
Kiss Me Bubble
Kiss Me I'm Irish Bubble
Lady Luck Bubble
Luck 'O the Irish Bubble
Lucky Bubble
Shamrock Bubble (outlined)
Shamrock Bubble
Good Girl Bad Girl Double Bubble
American Made Bubble
I'm Your Baby Doll Bubble
Heart Bubble
Book Babe Bubble
Dizzy Bubble
I Love My Boyfriend Double Bubble
Love Me Double Bubble
Yes Lips Double Bubble
Kiss a Frog Double Bubble
Good Girl Gone Bad Bubble
I Feel a Sin Bubble
Gossip Double Bubble
Just One Rule Double Bubble
Daddy's Princess Double Bubble
Giggle Bubble
Happy Girl Bubble
Honey Bubble
Rock Star Bubble
So Kiss Me Bubble
Sweetie Bubble
Fleur de Lis Bubble
Believe in It Bubble
You Say I'm a Dreamer Bubble
Dreams Too Big Bubble
Everything Happens for a Reason Bubble
Friends are Angels Bubble
Live Laugh Love Bubble (fancy)
Live Laugh Love Bubble (simple)
Love Looks Bubble
On a Diet Bubble
Do One Thing Everyday Bubble
Shoot for the Moon Bubble
Don't Be A Bully Necklace
Smile Bubble
When I Grow Up Bubble
Black Cats, Witches & Bats Bubble
Boo Bubble
Broomstick Rider Bubble
Fright Bubble
Ghost Bubble
I Bite Bubble
I'm A Treat Bubble
Just a Little Bit Wicked Bubble
Oct. 31st Bubble
Pumpkin Carving Queen Bubble
Pumpkin Bubble (grumpy)
Pumpkin Bubble (smiley)
Spider Bubble
Spooky Bubble
Wicked Bubble
Witch Bubble
Trick or Treat Double Bubble
Soccer Bubble (customization available)
Softball Mom Yellow Bubble (customization available)
Basketball Bubble (customization available)
Volleyball Bubble (customization available)
Happy Camper Bubble
Red Heart Bubble
Feb. 14 Bubble
LOVE Bubble
Let Your Heart Lead Bubble
Winged Letter Bubble
Girls Are Smarter Stick
Be Nice or Leave Stick
Dizzy Stick
Sistah from Anotha Mistah Stick
Play Nice Stick
Sassy Label Me Stick
Shopaholic Labe Me Stick
Sinner Labe Me Stick
Soccer Mom Label Me Stick
Talk Back Label Me Stick
Chocoholic Label Me Stick
Cowboy Lover Label Me Stick
Cowgirls Have More Fun Label Me Stick
Giddy Up Label Me Stick
Goodie Two Shoes Label Me Stick
Hot Cocoa Queen Label Me Stick
Make A Mess Label Me Stick
Appletini Queenie Label Me Stick
Green Thumb Label Me Stick
Holly Jolly Christmas Label Me Stick
Mistletoe Label Me Stick
Nice Label Me Stick
Best Friends Label Me Stick
Drama Queen Label Me Stick
Glory To God
Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Thick Stick
Girls Rule Label Me Stick
Glitter Girlie Label Me Stick
Gorgeous Label Me Stick
Hip Mom Label Me Stick
I'm The Woman To Blame Label Me Stick
Love Label Me Stick
Mommy Label Me Stick
Mommy To Be Label Me Stick
Party Girl Label Me Stick
Queen of Everything Label Me Stick
Santa's Vixen Label Me Stick
Sparkle Label Me Stick
Peachy Label Me Stick
Pumpkin Label Me Stick
Pumpkin Butt Label Me Stick
Trick or Treat Label Me Stick
Cherish Label Me Stick
Extra Icing Please Label Me Stick
Giggle Label Me Stick
Girlfriends Label Me Stick
Let Them Eat Cake Label Me Stick
Married With Children Label Me Stick
My Mother, My Friend Label Me Sticks
Play Dress Up Label Me Stick
Princess of Quite A Lot Label Me Stick
Silly Girl Label Me Stick
Tickled Pink Label Me Stick
Candy Cane Cutie Label Me Stick
Holly Jolly Label Me Stick
Naughty Label Me Stick
Santa Baby Label Me Stick
Cowgirl Up Label Me Stick
Mama Label Me Stick
Vintage Girl Label Me Stick
Angel's Are Everywhere Label Me Stick
Dream Label Me Stick
Faith Hope Love Label Me Stick
Holy Spirit Label Me Stick
Imagine Label Me Stick
Make A Wish Label Me Stick
My Sister, My Friend Label Me Stick
Pumpkin Carving Queen Label Me Stick
Queen of Corona Label Me Stick
Saint Label Me Stick
Garden Girl Label Me Stick
Goddess Label Me Stick
Twinkle Label Me Stick
Gold Butterfly Toggle Bracelet
Heart Lobster Clip
Blessed Bubble (black)
Hawaiian Aloha Bubble
Sporty Bubble Number
Be Mine Label Me Stick
Valentine Label Me Stick
Rock Star Label Me Stick
Dream Thick Stick
Friends Thick Stick
Motherhood is Not for Sissies Stick
Sisters Label Me Stick
Boo Skulls Thick Stick (writing)
Dance Mom Label Me Stick
T-Ball Mom Label Me Stick
Mistletoe (green)
Boo Spiders Thick Stick
Margarita Mama Stick
My Girls Rock Thick Stick
Kiss A Pug Bubble
KSU Harlequin Bubble
Vintage Willie Harlequin Bubble
Blessed Mama (black)
Diamond Initial Bubble
Floral Initial Bubble
Blessed Mama (white)
Motherhood is Not for Sissies Necklace
It's A Girl Thing Label Me Stick
Triple Dog Dare Ya (Christmas Story)
Easter Label Me Stick
Bunny Ears Label Me Stick
Multi-Colored Ball Chain Necklace (black/creme/white)
Brown Stone Round Dangles
Cross & Mary Medallion Charms
Brown Stone Cross Dangle
Gold Flower Glass Bead Dangle
Stone Nugget Dangles
Chunky Crown Charm (3D)
Clear Crystal or Glass Flower Dangles
Fairest of them All
We're All Mad Here Bubble
BFF Bubble
I'm So Hot Bubble
Ought To Misbehave Bubble
Peace Swirly Bubble
Pink Peace (handrawn) Bubble
Purple Peace (handrawn) Bubble
Peace (black on white) Bubble
Recycle Boys Bubble
Recycle (white on black)
Recycle (black on white)
Coca Cola Boy
Custom-Melissa Quagliata
Coca Cola Collage
Love Shamelessly Collage
Beveled Rhinestones & Doily Soldered Box Charm
Mirror Mirror Collage
Twinkle Toes Collage
Framed Witch Leg Pendant with Orange Die
No Place Like Home Stick
I Believe in Make Believe Stick
Get the Giggles Stick
Lovestruck Again Stick
We All Scream for Ice Cream Stick
Vintage Skates Bubble
KSU Real Women Wear Purple Charm (LICENSED)
Willie The Wildcat Bubble
KU Jayhawk Bubble
Good Witch Glenda
Momma Bubble (white)
Boo Bubble (black)
Crow Bubble
Eat Drink & Be Scary Bubble
Mummy's Monster Double Bubble
Solo Crow Bubble
Mommy Square Bubble
Nightmare Before Christmas (Jack) Double Bubble
Mama Bubble (black)
Grave's Delight Bubble
Skeleton Bones Bubble
In Debt I Rot Bubble
Owl Bubble
Free Broom Rides Collage
Swirly Boo Bubble (black)
Love Is Kinda Crazy Collage
Donate Blood Bubble
Boo Label Me Stick
Devilish Diva Label Me Stick
Happy Haunting Label Me Stick
I Want My Mummy Label Me Stick
I Love Being Witchy Label Me Stick
Chandelier Bubble
Shine On Chandelier
Read My Lipstick Bubble
Zebra Skull Bubble
Christian Girl Label Me Stick
Poe Necklace
Music Box Ballerina Necklace
Happy Camper Airstream Circle Necklace
Edgar Allen Poe Collage
Midnight Dreary Collage
Sparkle Thick Stick
Nice Thick Stick
Santa Rocks Bubble
Dec. 25th (pink&green) Bubble
Jingle in my Bells Bubble
Let It Snow Let it Snow Let It Snow Bubble
Tinsel in a Tangle Bubble
Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas Stick
Mistletoe Kiss Me Stick
Holiday Hoopla Stick
Raisin Cane Stick
Wrap Me Up Label Me Stick
Jingle All The Way Label Me Stick
Happy Halloween Thick Stick (Green)
Pistol Bubble
Under The Mistletoe Collage
King of Kings Crown Bubble
Pray (tan back) Bubble
You Gotta Have Faith Bubble
Saved Bubble
Cross with Wings Bubble
Jesus Fish Bubble
Praise Jesus Bubble
Jesus Freak Stick
Love & Faithfulness Stick
Teachers Are Angels Bubble
Sexy Senorita Label Me Stick
Wrestling Mom Label Me Stick
Sprinkled with Pixie Dust Label Me Stick
Don't Trust the Man Stick
It's All Make Believe
You Know Too Much
Dorothy & Her Slippers
Custom Order for Cathy Stevens
Cherry Mash
I Voted
Alice Making Sense
Frilly Marilyn Bubble
Cheer Mom Solid Background Bubble (custom colors available)
Cheer Mom Zebra Bubble (custom colors available)
ISU Cyclone Bubble
Teachers Rock Bubble
Thank My Lucky Stars Bubble
Forget Love Bubble
Hand Stamped Spoon Pendant
Colored Bar Ball Chain Necklace (SHINY SILVER)
Cupid Silhouette Necklace
Arkansas Woo Pig Sooie Square Bubble
Music Note Dangle Charm
Guitar Dangle Charm
Antique Silver Loop Necklace
Play Thick Stick
Flirt Thick Stick
Junk Queen Thick Stick
The Pink Nightmare Oval (Christmas Story)
Bunny Parade Vintage Postcard
I'm with CUPID Bubble
Cupid Silhouette Bubble (pink)
Cupid Silhouette Bubble (white)
School is Cool! Bubble
KSU Winged Willie Bubble
KSU Powercat Winged Bubble
OU Winged Bubble
Alice Dreamer
Cinderella Princess Bubble
Pistol Pete Winged Bubble
MU Winged Bubble
Football Mom Label Me Stick
"A Heart..." Oz Gang
Ruby Slippers Bubble
Over The Rainbow Bubble
Cracker Jack Dangle Charms
Hand Dyed Silk Ribbon-Ocean
Baseball Dangle
Boy Mom Bubble
It's My Unbirthday Bubble
Carpool Queen Bubble
Fresh Circus Initials
GE Horns Logo Bubble
Ruby Heart Bubble
Custom Handwriting/Artwork on Sterling Plaque
Mini Lips & Hearts Charm
Gothic Bevel Letters
Feb. 14th Heart Toggle Bracelet
Silver Camera Charm
Tiny Silver Feather Charm
Tiny Silver Wing Charm
Tiny Wishbone Charm
Colored Ball Chain Necklace (BLACK)
Colored Ball Chain Necklace (TURQUOISE)
Colored Ball Chain Necklace (SHINY SILVER)
Colored Ball Chain Necklace (RED)
Colored Ball Chain Necklace (PINK)
Colored Ball Chain (MATTE SILVER)
Little Miss Giggles Necklace
Cross with Wings Keychain Purse Hanger
Vintage Animal Charms
Funky Chunky Bubble Initials (TEAL)
Funky Chunky Bubble Initials (RED&GREEN)
Now I Lay Me Bubble
Angels Are Everywhere Bubble
Super Mom Tattoo Bubble
Drama Free...Yeah Right Stick (Polka Dot)
Drama Free...Yeah Right Stick (Zebra)
OSU Cowboy Lover Label Me Stick
OSU I'm A Cowgirl Label Me Stick
Merry Cmas Bubble
A Child Is Born
Sleep In Heavenly Peace
Black Cats & Pumpkins
Haunted House Treat Bag
Clown Witch & Owl Halloween Treat Bag
Smiling Pumpkin Postcard
Witch & Pumpkin Postcard
Pumpkin Carving Queen Bubble (Bloody)
Cat Sunrise Postcard
Pumpkins in a Row Postcard
Tricks or Treats Haunted House Halloween Treat Bag
KSU Willie Alma Mater (LICENSED)
KSU Powercat Alma Mater (LICENSED)
Pumpkin Seal
Crown Bubble 1
Crown Bubble 2
Sweet Princess Crown Bubble
One Hot Chick Bubble
Colored Ball Chain Necklace (GUNMETAL)
Barbie & Ken Made For Each Other
Grandma Thick Stick
Tease Thick Stick
Clock Dangle Charm
Multi-Colored Dangles
Disco Balls Dangles
My Kids Rock Skull Necklace
Pumpkin Boo (black) Bubble
Boo Polka Dot Bubble
Wildcat Paw Print Bubble
MU Paw Print Bubble
MU Tiger Bubble
OU Bubble
OSU Bubble
Nebraska Huskers Bubble
Razorback Bubble
Boomer Sooner Label Me Stick
Mizzou Label Me Stick
MU Tiger Collage
OSU Label Me Stick
Sooners Label Me Stick
Retro Santa Bubble (NICE)
Retro Santa Bubble (NAUGHTY)
Holly Jolly Christmas Label
Pistol Pete Bubble
The Kiss
Nuttin' For Christmas Collage
Naughty Label
Ho Ho Ho Christmas Label
Dots Initial Bubble
Cruella Evil Bubble
Ariel Bubble
Snow White Bubble
Dopey & Happy Collage
Pixie Perfect Collage
Wild Child Zebra Thick Stick
Tickled Pink Zebra Thick Stick
Peace Thick Stick
K-State Wildcats Zebra Thick Stick
Go KU Zebra Thick Stick
There's No Place Like Home Zebra Thick Stick
My Kids Rock Zebra Thick Stick
My Kids Rock Peace Thick Stick
Hip Mama Zebra Thick Stick
Mizzou Zebra Thick Stick
Peace Hope Love Peace Thick Stick
Mistletoe Kids Christmas Charm
Holly Jolly Santa Charm
Snowball Santa Vintage Postcard Charm
Comin' Down The Chimney Charm
Wings with Words Ride Fast
Diamond Rose Tattoo Bubble
Harley Bubble
Rose Skull Bubble
Super Mom Tattoo Stick
My Kids Rock Tattoo Stick
My Kids Rock Designer Stick
My Kid Rocks Designer Stick
Boy Moms Rock Designer Stick
Girl Moms Rock Designer Stick
Peeking Santa Charm
Vintage Santa Storybook Charm
Live Laugh Love Charm
Go Big Blue Label Me Stick
Go Big Red Label Me Stick
Santa & Girl Vintage Postcard Charm
Cute Santa Charm
Love Me Love My Junk Bubble
Laughing Mickey & Minnie Double Bubble
Cookie Monster Double Bubble
Somebody Snitched On Me Double Bubble
Be Happy Double Bubble
I Love The Smell of Crayons Thick Stick (Pre-School to 4th Grade)
I Love The Smell of Markers Thick Stick (5th Grade-12th Grade)
Multi-Colored Beaded Flower
Large Glass Crystal Heart Dangle
Puppy Love Collage
Love My Junk Collage
Always Glitter Stick
Angel Glitter Stick
Zebra Dangles
Black Dangles
Silver Dangles
Crystal Fauceted Heart Dangles
Vintage Metal Letter Charms
Crystal Ornate Dangles
Turquoise Dangles
Rose Dangles
Baby Doll Glitter Stick
Believe Glitter Stick
Be Mine Glitter Stick
Big Sister Glitter Stick
Blessed Glitter Stick
Blessed Mama Glitter Stick
Blessed Momma Glitter Stick
Bright Eyes Glitter Stick
Candy Glitter Stick
Cherish Glitter Stick
Chocoholic Glitter Stick
Cowboy Lover Glitter Stick
Cupcake Glitter Stick
Drama Queen Glitter Stick
Dream Glitter Stick
Enjoy Glitter Stick
Faith Glitter Stick
Faith Hope Love Glitter Stick
Femme Fatale Glitter Stick
Forever Glitter Stick
Giddy-Up Glitter Stick
Giddy Up Glitter Stick
Giggle Glitter Stick
Girlfriends Glitter Stick
Glitter Girl Glitter Stick
Goddess Glitter Stick
Gumdrop Glitter Stick
Happily Ever After Glitter Stick
Happy Glitter Stick
Happy Girl Glitter Stick
Ho Ho Ho Glitter Stick
Honey Bunny Glitter Stick
Hope Glitter Stick
Hot Glitter Stick
I Love You Glitter Stick
Just Married Glitter Stick
Kiss Me Glitter Stick
Laugh Glitter Stick
Let Them Be Little Glitter Stick
Live Laugh Love Glitter Stick
Lollipop Glitter Stick
Lovable Glitter Stick
Love (simple) Glitter Stick
Love (type) Glitter Stick
Make a Wish Glitter Stick
Martini Queenie Glitter Stick
Merry Christmas Glitter Stick
Miracles Glitter Stick
Mom Glitter Stick
Mommy Glitter Stick
Mommy To Be Glitter Stick
My Kid Rocks Glitter Stick
My Kids Rock Glitter Stick
My Mother My Friend Glitter Stick
My Sister My Friend Glitter Stick
Natural Blonde Glitter Stick
Ooh La La Glitter Stick
Party Girl Glitter Stick
Peace Glitter Stick
Pink Glitter Stick
Precious Glitter Stick
Princess Glitter Stick
Queen Glitter Stick
Queeny Glitter Stick
Sexy Glitter Stick
Silly Girl Glitter Stick
Sister Glitter Stick
Star Light Star Bright Glitter Stick
Sugar Lips Glitter Stick
Sunshine Glitter Stick
Survivor Glitter Stick
Sweet Glitter Stick
Sweet as Candy Glitter Stick
Sweet Cheeks Glitter Stick
Sweet Pea Glitter Stick
Sweet Stuff Glitter Stick
Tickled Pink Glitter Stick
Tootsie Glitter Stick
True Love Glitter Stick
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Glitter Stick
Twins Glitter Stick
Vintage Glitter Stick
Whatever Glitter Stick
Whimsy Glitter Stick
Wish Glitter Stick
XOXOXO Glitter Stick
Yummy Glitter Stick
Mama Rocks Bubble
Lips (Polka Dot Back) Bubble
Little Miss Bossy Square Bubble
Little Miss Trouble Square Bubble
Little Miss Stubborn Square Bubble
Little Miss Fun Square Bubble
Little Miss Giggles Square Bubble
Little Miss Chatterbox Square Bubble
Little Miss Sunshine Square Bubble
Little Miss Naughty Square Bubble
Faith Love & Cupcakes Square Double Bubble
Moms Rock Square Bubble
My Kids Rock Square Bubble
My Kid Rocks Square Bubble
My Grandkids Rock Square Bubbles
My Boys Rock Square Bubble
My Girls Rock Square Bubbles
KSU Powercat Bubble
Girl Mom Bubble
Crown (blue on green) Bubble
Crown (pink on orange) Bubble
High Heels Bubble
Double Barrel Peacemaker Bubble
Martini Queenie Bubble
Sending An Angel Collage
Naughty or Nice Collage Charm
Wichita State University Bubble
Kiss My Tiara (Pink Crown)
Screamfest Collage
Football Bubble (customization available)
Jump Rings BLACK
Bunny Goat Ride Vintage Postcard
Chiefs Winged Bubble
Witch Dangle Necklace
Vintage Bottlecap Charms
Multi-Colored Ball Chain Necklace (copper/black)
Crystal Glass Necklaces
Starter Chain Bracelet 8"(smooth) BULK Buy Options
All the Rights of Women Bubble (black)
Nebraska Winged Bubble
KU Jayhawk Head Winged Bubble
KU Jayhawk Winged Bubble
Arkansas Winged Bubble
Still Love the Beatles Bubble
Grandma Bubble (black)
Happily Married with Children Bubble
I Pray Bubble
Hawaiian Turtle Bubble
Faith Hope Love Bubble (white)
Castle Dangle Charm
Shears Dangle Charm
Four Leaf Clover Dangle Charm.
Cherub Dangle Charm
Anchor Dangle Charm
Volleyball Love Bubble
Basketball Love Bubble
Football Love Bubble
Soccer Love Bubble
Softball Love Bubble
Patriotic Love Bubble
Baseball Love Bubble
Hand Dyed Silk Ribbon Betsy Ross
Pool Billiard Ball Dangle
Chunky Fauceted Stones
Vintage Resin Dominos
Swivel Clip Oval 31mmx15mm (silver plated)
Belive In Magic Mickey (Pink)
Believe In Magic Mickey (Blue)
Believe In Magic Mickey (Red)
Mickey Ears Initial Bubble
Don't Be a Bully Bubble
No Bullys Bubble
Pick on Someone Your Own Size Charm
Custom Oval Quote
Mommy Bubble (black)
Easter Greeting Chicks Vintage Postcard
Grandpa & Chicks Vintage Postcard
Bunnies Nappin' in the Grass Vintage Postcard
Cart of Roosters Vintage Postcard
Joyous Chicks Vintage Postcard
Bunny Artist Vintage Postcard Collage
All Dressed Up Chicks Vintage Postcard
Dragonfly Pendant
Green Egg Glass Dangles
Silver & Gold Leaf Charms
Multi-Colored Ball Chain Necklace (purple/black)
Home of the Brave Charm
God Bless America Thick Stick
Air Force Wife Bubble
Army Brat Bubble
Dirty Baseball Mom Bubble (customization available)
I'm with CUPID Heart Bubble Necklace
Shoot Yer Eye Out (Christmas Story)
Colored Ball Chain Necklace (ANTIQUE SILVER)
Dollar Dangles
My Kids Rock Skull Cube Necklace
Marie Antoinette Bubble Necklace
Love Toggle Necklace
Fearfully & Wonderfully Made Double Bubble
Vintage Bingo Ball Dangle
Vintage Compass Dangle
Live Love Teach Square Bubble
KU Zig Zag Bubble
Blessed Mama (Vintage) Bubble
Faith Cross Bubble
May Shamrocks Grow Bubble
Jump Rings BRASS
K-State Wildcat Necklace
Peanut Butter & Jelly Best Friends Necklace Set
Handmade Vintage Doll Head
Native American Style Mix
Bullet & Pearl Charm
XO Cross Bracelet
Limited Edition License Plate Charms
Grandma Silk Ribbon Necklace/Bracelet
Royals Blue Lapis Slab & Crystal Heart
Circus Circus Ball Chain Bracelet
Warm Copper Toned Ball Chain Bracelet
Chick-Chick Egg Dye Kit
Fleck's Egg Dye Kit
Hop Bunny Ears Collage
Lucky Rabbit's Foot Collage
Lucky Ducky Collage
Cute Bunny Bubble
Spring Thick Stick
Easter Thick Stick
Peep Show Thick Stick
Black & Pink Double Bubble Initial
Mama (hot pink)
Mimi (hot pink)
Mimi (white)
Mimi (zebra)
Mommy to Be (hot pink)
Mommy to Be (white)
My Mom Fights Like a Girl Bubble
Purple Awareness Ribbon Bubble
Pink Awareness Ribbon (floral) Bubble
Rosie Fight Like a Girl Bubble
My Kids Rock (polka dot)
Grungy Peace
Peace Bubble (pink & blue)
Peace Bubble (pink & black)
Peace Bubble (purple & white)
Peace Heart Bubble
Women are Angels Bubble
I Bite Hersheys
Kiss A Pug
What Happens in Vegas
I'm With the Band Thick Stick
If My Heart Had Wings Collage
Super Mom & Cornflakes Double Bubble
Plumeria Aloha Bubble
Swirly Heart Bevel Initial
Pink Zebra Script Bevel Initial
Gobble Gobble Bubble
Blazers Rule Bubble
Blazers Wrestling Thick Stick
Blazers Volleyball Thick Stick
Blazers Football Thick Stick
Blazers Cheer Thick Stick
Blazers Cheerleader Thick Stick
Blazers Dance Thick Stick
Blazers Baseball Thick Stick
Give Thanks Thick Stick
Trailblazer Charm
Retro Bubble Number
Friends Never Forget Collage
Alice Silhouette Double Bubble
Alice Silhouette Goodies Double Bubble
Princess Heart Charm Necklace
Jumbo Christmas Charm Necklace
Hope Flower Bracelet
Jump Rings PINK
ISU Winged Cyclone Bubble
Mickey Ears Date Bubble
Margaritaville Collage
Vintage Santa Snowflake Bubble
Softball Diamond Double Bubble
Knowledge is Power Grad Double Bubble (customize year)
Good Luck Bubble
If Mama Ain't Happy Bubble
Gimme A Hershey Kiss Double Bubble
Big Book Collage
Drama Free/Yeah Right Double Bubble
Crowned Skull Collage
Peace Out Thick Stick
Pink Dangle Mix
Black or Silver Dangle
Itty Bitty Flower Dangles
Three Cheers Kids Vintage Postcard
4th Of July Girl Vintage Postcard
Firecracker Kids Vintage Postcard Charm
The Day We Celebrate Kids Vintage Postcard Charm
Flag Boy Vintage Postcard Charm
Patriotic Kids in Wagon Vintage Postcard Charm
Kiss Me Mistletoe Bubble
Beautician Not a Magician Collage
Chemically Dependant Collage
Skully Crowned Collage
Skully Top Hat Collage
Haunted Thick Stick
Trick or Treat Thick Stick
Merry Thick Stick
Alpha Delta Pi Bubble
Kappa Alpha Theta Bubble
Alpha Gamma Delta Bubble
Alpha Kappa Alpha Bubble
Alpha Phi Omega Bubble
Alpha Chi Omega Bubble
Beta Phi Delta Bubble
Chi Omega Bubble
Delta Delta Delta Bubble
Delta Gamma Bubble
Gamma Phi Beta Bubble
Gamma Sigma Sigma Bubble
Kappa Delta Bubble
Kappa Kappa Gamma Bubble
Omega Phi Alpha Bubble
Pi Beta Phi Bubble
Sigma Delta Tau Bubble
Sigma Kappa Bubble
Sigma Lambda Gamma Bubble
Zeta Phi Beta Bubble
Barbie Silhouette Dots Bubble
Kissing Barbie Bubble
Toy Story Barbie & Ken Bubble
Floral Block Bevel Initial in Pink
All About the Ears Mickey Collage
Minnie Bow Bubble
MIckey Mouse Ears Bubble
Hand Dyed Silk Ribbon Berry Pink
Hand Dyed Silk Ribbon Black
Hand Dyed Silk Ribbon Bora Bora
Hand Dyed Silk Ribbon Chocolate Brown
Hand Dyed Silk Ribbon Olive with Purple Metallic Edges
Hand Dyed Silk Ribbon Dark Teal
Hand Dyed Silk Ribbon Hydrangea
Hand Dyed Silk Ribbon Black with Silver Metallic Edges
Hand Dyed Silk Ribbon Lavender Lime Tie Dye
Hand Dyed Silk Ribbon Pink on Pink
Hand Dyed Silk Ribbon Mixed Pink Blend with Rasberry Edges
Hand Dyed Silk Ribbon Mocha Brown with Purple Edges
Hand Dyed Silk Ribbon Pink & Orange Blend
Hand Dyed Silk Ribbon Jewel Tone Blend with Purple Metallic Edges
Hand Dyed Silk Ribbon June Gloom
Hand Dyed Silk Ribbon Kaleidescope
Hand Dyed Silk Ribbon Key West
Hand Dyed Silk Ribbon Purple Rain
Hand Dyed Silk Ribbon Sienna Sun
Hand Dyed Silk Ribbon Sub Plime
Hand Dyed Silk Ribbon Pick Me a Pansy
Hand Dyed Silk Ribbon Pride Rainbow
Hand Dyed Silk Ribbon Purple with Silver Metallic Edges
Hand-Dyed Silk Ribbon Rasberry Lime Sorbet
Hand Dyed Silk Ribbon Red with Purple Edges
Hand Dyed Silk Ribbon Royal Blue with Powder Blue Edges
Hand Dyed Silk Ribbon Royal Blue
Hand Dyed Silk Ribbon Tobacco Brown with Orange Edges
Hand Dyed Silk Ribbon Vintage Rose
Have A Happy Heart Thick Stick
Key To My Heart Bubble
Jayhawk Thick Stick
Crown Initials Charm
Army Wife Bubble
Valentine Initial Charm (Limited Edition)
Star Dangles
Little Miss Sunshine Chunky Necklace
Dia de Los Muertos Sugar Skull Bevel Charms
Orange Rhinestone Flower Necklace
Vintage Pop Bottle Cap Dangle
Powercat Harlequin Bubble
Razorback Sun Ray Bubble
KC Arrowhead Bubble
KC Arrowhead Chiefs Bubble
Custom Handwriting/Artwork on 1.5" Copper Circle
Airstream Happy Camper Square Necklace
Giant Turquoise Cross Necklace
Peace Cube Necklace
Crystal Drop Necklace
Custom Handwriting/Artwork on 1" Copper Circle
Framed Initial Large Ornament
Framed Initial Letter
Custom-Ashely Dexter
Softball Rocks Home Plate Charm
Softball Rocks Home Plate Charm with Dangles
Pink Awareness Ribbon Bubble
Pink Awareness Ribbon Charm
Live Love ASAP (Black or Pink) Square Bubble
Vintage Religious Medallions & Handmade Crosses
Natural Brown Turquoise Dangles
Hand Dyed Silk Ribbon Light Teal
End Of Day Handmade Beads
Copper Toggle Necklace
Natural Turquoise Bullet Dangle
Natural Turquoise Dangles
Hand Stamped Vintage Silverware Crosses
Let It Go...Like Frozen Bubble
Retro Santa Bubble
Santa with Pipe Bubble
Artsy Initial Bubble
Faith (diamonds) Bubble
Faith (flowers) Bubble
Faith (pink ledger) Bubble
Candy Corn Triangle
Halloween Banner Initial
Mickey Mouse Club Bubble
Mickey Bubble (black & white)
Mickey Bubble (in color)
Vintage Pumpkin Lantern (Orange Funny)
Marty Moose (Griswold Christmas)
Make My Day Clint
Your Best Oval Quote
Thank My Lucky Stars Oval Quote
Spread My Wings and Fly Oval Quote
Smile Oval Quote
Real Girls Aren't Perfect Oval Quotes
Never Regret Oval Quote
Little Girl Oval Quote
Margarita Oval Quote
Let's Do This Oval Quote
Is What It Is Oval Quote
I'm Possible Oval Quote
Only Hell Mama Raised Oval Quote
Days Like This Oval Quote
Happy Thoughts Oval Quote
Keep Calm Oval Quote
Dance In The Rain Oval Quote
She Believed Oval Quote
Be Who You Be Oval Quote
Good One Oval Quote
Be Happy Oval Quote
Beautyful Oval Quote
Be Awesome Today
I'm A Survivor
Colored Ball Chain Necklace (ANTIQUE BRASS)
Hand Stamped Spoon Bracelet
Hand Stamped Garden Markers
Hand Stamped Baseball Bracelet
Vintage Doll Part Dangle
Little Pistol Dangle
Silver Puff Heart Dangle
Love Flower Necklace
Happy Camper Flower Necklace
Handcrafted Sterling Silver Etched Puffy Heart
Copper Coated Acorns
Halloween Skull Dangle
Candy Corn & Pumpkin Dangle
Halloween Rhinestone Sticks
My Kids Rock Flower Leopard Necklace
Rhinestone & Crystal Crosses
Rustic Cross Charm
Rustic Airstream Camper Charm
Rustic Arrow Charm
Rustic Truck with Crown & Wings Charm
Rustic Western Charms
Hand Dyed Silk Ribbon What's New Pussycat?
Hand Dyed Silk Ribbon Strawberries and Cream
Hand Dyed Silk Ribbon Snow White
Hand Dyed Silk Ribbon Dove Gray
Hand Dyed Silk Ribbon Confetti
Hand Dyed Silk RibbonTurquoise with Silver Metallic Edges
Hand Dyed Silk Ribbon Something Borrowed, Something Blue
Hand Dyed Silk Ribbon Tea with Beige Edges

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